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Frequently Asked Questions

Are submitters/IA Chairs allowed to revisit a previous submission?2019-12-17T11:25:07-06:00
  •   IA Chairs: Yes, please contact Marie Meacham, mmeacham@ies.org, for more information.
  •   Submitters: Once you finalize payment, you will no longer have access to your submission. Once you have completed the submission, we advise that you save your project as a file document to your computer for future reference. You may do this by clicking on “in-progress” or “in cart” in your Dashboard and there will be an option to save as a PDF. We strongly recommend saving your project.
Can submitters edit their project once it has been submitted?2019-12-17T11:25:15-06:00

No, the editing phase has been eliminated from the submission process.

Can the Interior Lighting Design Award include residential projects?2019-12-17T11:25:23-06:00

Yes, interior design is for any interior project—commercial or residential—anything that is inside.

Can award recipients order duplicate awards?2019-12-17T11:25:31-06:00

Yes, anyone may purchase a duplicate certificate or crystal. You may send your request to Marie Meacham, mmeacham@ies.org.

Is there a way to begin a second and third submission before finishing the first?2019-12-17T11:25:37-06:00

Yes, at checkout you will be prompted to continue a submission or start a new one.

What is the process for international final award recipients?2019-12-17T11:25:45-06:00

IES will provide the conference registration to assist with visa arrangements. Unfortunately, this is the only form of assistance the IES will provide. IES is not, however, responsible for any forms issued through U.S. Department of State.

Can an IA Section Chair/Online Judge download submitted projects, photos and videos for Section Judging as opposed to using the online portal to view all projects?2019-12-17T11:25:53-06:00

You can download a project for viewing purposes, but judging will take place directly on the portal.

Can an IA Section Chair/Online Judge complete their judging assignments consecutively?2019-12-17T11:26:00-06:00

Yes, if a judge wants to complete all of their assigned projects consecutively they may do so. Once a project has been judged, you will receive the next project right after. If you would like to pause your judging assignments, you may do so. When you log back into your profile you may continue where you left off.

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